Beauty Buy: Goop Exfoliating Instant Facial

Goop…as GP herself said in her SNL skit, it stands for “Gwyneth Opens Our Paychecks.” Yes, some of the products are for those that seriously want to spend some cash…but then there are those that are more “affordable luxury.” I like to dabble in that category and occasionally, I find something that works. One item that has become a standard in my skin care routine, is part of her branded collaboration with Juice Beauty, specifically the amazing Exfoliating Instant Facial. Now on with the review…

Claims: A face mask that can be used several times a week to sweep away dead skin cells and leave skin supple, soft, and revitalized. This outcome is thanks to the key ingredients of natural ABH acids, plant-based cellulose beads, and vitamin B5.

Ahh GP, just take my money on this one…

Key Ingredients: Claims to have 86% organic content. The list of ingredients is quite long but the top billers are indeed various fruit and natural acids, so the good stuff that you want for an exfoliating product. Stearyl alcohol is #12 of the list (there are a lot of ingredients which I generally don’t love but stay with me), but I do not get any dry feelings when using this. The majority of the rest of the ingredients are more fruit extracts and various oils. Full list can be found here, as it is pretty long. I don’t love the lack of simplicity but outside of the alcohol being higher up on the list, no red flags.

Pros: Immediate results. The claims are real, you do see softer and smoother skin right away. I try to use this at least once a week, sometimes 2x a week if my skin is a total mess. I generously apply it, wait :10 minutes, and wash it off to reveal noticeably smoother and more supple skin. I also think regular use helps mitigate the occasional breakouts that I get as well. It really is an amazing product that leaves you feeling like you just had something pretty close, to a good professional facial. My standards for professional facials are pretty high, so that is why I need to say “pretty close to professional.” And it comes in a travel size, which is always nice. Although to be honest, given the price I just scoop some out of the larger container I purchase, and put a dollop into a small travel container.

Cons: Price. And I question if this works for super-sensitive skin. I do not personally have sensitive skin but you can feel the tingle of the AHAs. Check the ingredient list and you will see what I am talking about. GP wanted something to take the dead skin cells off and she made damn sure you had enough natural acids to succeed. My face tingles a little but it isn’t unbearable or even uncomfortable IMO. I do show a mild shade of red for about :15 minutes after I wash it off though, and in my experience, products that leave you slightly red generally can be a bit intense for our sensitive skin friends.

Price: This may be a sticker shock for most of us… Buy the large size 1.7 oz for $125 USD on the website, or my recommendation, sign up for the subscription and get it for $112 USD (just make sure to cancel if you don’t fall in love). Or you can get a travel size of .5 oz for $42 USD. At time of publication, amazon did not have any good re-sellers so I recommend you buy this from Goop directly.

Recommendation: Buy. It is indeed a luxury but this works if your pocket book will allow it. I begrudgingly continue to re-order it as it really does work that well. I would love to find a mask that is a little cheaper as this doesn’t last very long, but for now, GP has me in her spider web on this one. Goop offers a discovery kit that is a pretty good deal and lets you sample the exfoliator, the daytime moisturize, the facial oil, and the night cream for around $125. I actually discovered this product after pulling the trigger on the discovery kit, so I can give a thumbs up on that if you are new to the Goop world. Or you can buy the travel size and sample just the mask for $42.


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